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Monday, May 30, 2005  

Earthian Posted by Hello

Boma at 6:50 PM

Hrmmmm, Earthian. What to say about Earthian? Well this is old school anime first coming out in 1989. But let's start at the beginning. I got this because I was a sucker for the cover. I really do like the cover art on the dvd and it got my interested in it. The premise sounded interesting too. It's something like: Angels are sent to judge the earth. One is Kagetsuya who is the pessimistic, vengeful angel. His partner is Chihaya an optimistic, compassionate angel. While one finds out the negatives of humanity the other finds the positives. While I found that ineresting enough to get it and try it, the story really doesn't go anywhere. Perhaps because it has only four episodes? probably. The events that happen in the story, such as Chihaya being cursed with black wings or even the main plot of whether or not Humans (Earthians) are doomed or saved never comes to fruition. I do not approve of the ending cause it stops without any answers. The four episodes that are in this "collection" when watched, feel like they were picked up here and there during the series leaving one confused and wondering "where are they now? What's up with their relationship?" In the first episode Kagetsuya and Chihaya have the '60's twin beds then in the third episode they have the king size. Would like some developement here! oh well. It looked pretty and it starts out promising. But it falls flat, would have been far better if they at least made it a 13 episode series. There is apparently a manga that will be released sometime in 2005. Not really sure, but there are items under "books" and "earthian". But I don't thin I'll be picking them up. Anywho, I give it 4 out of 10, besides the faults I mentioned above it wasn't a COMPLETE waste of time and money, but in the end it should've been longer.

Boma at 6:16 PM

Monday, May 23, 2005  

Aquarian Age - volume 1 of 3 Posted by Hello

Boma at 8:49 PM

Ok, just finished watching the first dvd of Aquarian Age, the series. I enjoyed it. The story is being drawn out more than the movie. I think I would stick to Juvenile Orion the manga when first stepping into this, but the series is doing a decent job of not totally confusing the audience. Basically the story is focusing on Kyouta who with his two friends, Shingo and Junichi, have a band that they desparately want to go pro. Kyouta in the meantime, keeps seeing flashing images of girls doing battle. So what's so special about Kyouta that the clans start fighting over him? What's up with his girlfriend Yoriko? Is she hiding something? The animation is good. I haven't seen this style before. I also like the voice actor combination. Chris Patton (seeing a lot of him these days it seems!) = Kyouta, Vic Mignogna = Shingo (he acts really crazy like a guy at a party college. Kinda funny when you compare him to Ed Elric in Full Metal Alchemist), Greg Ayres = Junichi, Monica Rial = Yoriko. So this is a great cast, the 3 guys really go well together 0:) (yeah, I have angel eyes here, hee hee hee) Anyway, The series is only 13 episodes, 3 dvds. If you more of my opinion of Aquarian Age check it out under the Aquarian Age Movie.

Boma at 7:56 PM

Sunday, May 22, 2005  

E's Otherwise: Operation: Gald City - volume 1 Posted by Hello

Boma at 12:17 AM

Saturday, May 21, 2005  
Here is a series that is quickly becoming one of my favorites, E's Otherwise. In the future, the world is controlled by 12 major corporations, Ashurum being the most powerful. Then there's the slum city Gald where all the underhanded things are done. From normal citizens just trying to get by in life to arms dealers and anti-corporation guerrillas. Now among the populace psychics start to appear, people who can form thought into energy and can use this energy to fly, form barriers, and shoot deadly bolts among other things. Normal people tend to not like the psychics (kind of like an X-men, mutant feeling going on). The more powerful psychics usually end up in the clutches of Ashurum or as leaders of rebel groups or just stay secretive about their powers like the rest. The psychics that end up with Ashurum form an elite force known as Aeses. Now the story focuses on psychic Kai who has always lived within the walls of the corporation, he goes on missions for Ashurum to bring in guerrillas with his teammates. After a certain incident, Kai is separated from his group and ends up living in Gald. He sees how normal people think of psychics, what they think of the corporations, and how they live in general. His eyes are open and he takes in all these new experiences.
I'm really enjoying this series, it goes from really serious episodes to side splitting hilarity (like when Kai is forced to dress like a woman against his will). I especially like Yuuki, who Kai becomes a "sidekick" to. Once he gets something in his hands he's always swinging it around like it's a toy from a microphone to a gun (not that he doesn't know how to use it, he's a dead aim), to a shaman's wand, it's just plain funny. Anywho, the plot is good, lots of action, and the characters develope at a comfortable pace, there's no mind tricks with this one (ha ha! mind tricks!) Alsoyou have some recognizable voice actors here. Chris Patton = Kai (also Sasuke Sagara from Full Metal Panic), Greg Ayers = Shen-Lon (Goku from Saiyuki, Chrno from Chrono Crusade), HilaryHaag = Asuka (Sister Rossette from Chrono Crusade, Riku from D.N.Angel), these are the most notable names but the other voice actors do a pretty good job in my opinion.
There are two dvds out with the third due June 7th according to Amazon.com. The first 2 dvds have 5 episodes apiece plus extras (previews, clean opening/closing, production sketches, Japanese promos [promos on first dvd], and voice actor profiles [profiles on second dvd].
That's about it I think. I highly recommend this one 9.5 out of 10, could've had some cleaner looking animation, but that is a minor thing. Until next time.

Boma at 11:10 PM

Thursday, May 12, 2005  
Ok, I'm skipping a few, 'cause frankly, I don't feel like rewatching them. I'm skipping Dragon Drive volume 1. Yeah I know, I know. It's kiddy-ish and is up there with the recently released Zatch Bell (even though I enjoyed the Japanese version Konjiki no Gash Bell). Dragon is badly dubbed with poor animation. Probably only amusing to single digit youths. But I got it cause it was dragons and I like the word "chibi" (pronounced cheebee). So sue me. But the plus is that it's good for young kids, recommended 7 and up. The others I'm skipping are DBZ dvds, The World's Strongest, The Tree of Might, and the Dead Zone and also Prelude to Terror the Trunks saga. I don't know anyone who hasn't seen at least some DBZ. I remember watching the early early episodes and enjoying them but they where the butchered Cartoon Network versions. Anywho if you wan to know more about these titles just look at the summaries at Amazon.com.

Boma at 10:13 PM

Wednesday, May 11, 2005  

Appleseed, Limited Collector's Edition Posted by Hello

Boma at 10:46 PM

I have just purchased the Appleseed Limited Collector's Edition. First off I like the tin box it came in. It's not big and bulky like some of the other one's I have and I like the artwork on the cover. It's a 2 disc editon so on the inside the dvds are overlapping each other. They're not separated on those little wing holders are common in many 2 disc sets. I don't it so much, since this is the first one in my collection like it. My brother said he doesn't care for it 'cause it hinders you getting to the second disc and it is a higher risk of damaging the dvds. Well, that's my technical report! This is a remake of the 1988 Appleseed movie, with spectacular CG animation. The music is also some of the best pieces I've heard in a while. The music is credited to the Boom Boom Satelites and other supporting musicians. The graphics are also top notch. It's a good blend of computer and anime techniques. To the story, this is another movie you have to pay attention to. It's not a brain killer like some, but I recommend not doing two things at once while watching this, just a suggestion. It focuses on a soldier named Deunan who is tracked down and taken to Olympus, a Utopia for humanity and Bioroids. Bioroids are these superior clones that are supposed to help the survival of the huaman race. Their emotions are restricted, they don't feel love, hate, or jealousy. Also they cannot reproduce. There are these 2 conditions in order to control them, but to balance the scale there is a virus contained at the top of the Tartarus building that, when released, will cease human reproduction. Basically it's conspiracy, 'cause a lot of people do not like the bioroids. And so questions start popping up as to why Deunan keeps being attacked, why was she brought to Olympus to beging with, What's up with General Uranus, the Council, and Gaia? All interspersed between these questions are some really cool fight scenes. I give this one a 9 out 10. Could have been a bit clearer with the story/timeframe. Okay now I think I'm back on track for future anime reviews. (let's see how long this'll last! hee hee hee).

Boma at 9:56 PM

Monday, May 09, 2005  

Aquarian Age the Movie Posted by Hello

Boma at 11:48 PM

wow! Two posts in one day! How did I ever manage this one?! heh heh. Anyway, Aquarian Age the Movie, what first got me interested in this was the spin off manga Juvenile Orion. This is a five book manga that is very good and that I full heartedly recommend (especially for the pretty boys!) From what I can tell the manga leads up to the movie basically in that universe's history. Don't expect to see many pretty boys in the movie, pretty much it's panty shots. The movie feels like the bridge between a first season and a second season in a series, so if you haven't read the manga or read through the info booklet that comes with the movie you're going to be confused. Basically there are four factions E.G.O., Arayashiki, WIZ-DOM, and Darklore. E.G.O., which stands for Evolutional Generational Organization, is a faction of powerful psychics. Arayashiki use the elements mixed with their spiritual power to cast spells and moves that originated in the East. WIZ-DOM is a secret organization that uses the forbidden Western magic. Pretty much what we traditionally think of as witches and sorcerers. Darklore is human mixed with animal/demon faction. This is where the catgirls come from and the guys with batwings etc. There is one other part. They're not really a faction but rather ordinary person one day discover they have powers the next, and they're the Mind-Breakers. They can unlock the hidden powers in the other factions and join them together. Pretty much these factions are constantly fighting among themselves to be the most powerful faction(with the exception of the Mind Breakers), until one day the Erasors come. These angelic looking beings come to, well, erase everything, or rather anything that poses a threat to their world domination. The factions then band together to overcome these oppressors, resolving their differences at least for the moment. This is what I believe happens in the beginning, this is what is taking place during the time of the manga. The second part The Polestar Empire comes from another dimension seeking a fight with the strongest. The emperor ressurrects dead warriors (kinda like in the R.O.D. OVA except instead of scientists it's warriors) to fill his ranks. Thus the factions must yet again join to do battle against this threat. When I say the factions must join together, the story focuses on a character from each clan as they come together, this essentially forms the story. The movie takes place between these incidents, the end of the Erasers and the beginning of the Polestar. All of this anime and manga originally started as a T.C.G. (laymans terms a Trading Card Game) Luckily unlike Yugioh, the game itself never takes place in Juvenile Orion or the Movie. I have yet to watch the series, but I'm intending to acquire it once I see it at a reasonable price, but I just realized it's only three dvds so it's not too bad. Also from what I've watched/read everyone wished the manga, series, movie to be longer to add more to it but this is because it was so enjoyable. I certainly wished the manga was longer but was pleased with what it had and the ending. So in the end I recommend the movie but would advise to read Juvenile Orion first or probably the series, but since I haven't watched it yet I won't garuntee anythng about it. The movie I give an 8 out of 10. Basically I wished the movie was longer, it's only 60 minutes, but the dvd makes up for this with some interesting extras. The dubbing is pretty good boasting the English voices of Wendee Lee and Lex Lang among others. Even though there are numerous panty shots, I found there to be a pleseant amount of gore and action in it as well. Okey dokey, that's it for Aquarian Age the Movie, enjoy!

Boma at 10:38 PM


Darkside Blues Posted by Hello

Boma at 2:11 PM

I had originally purchased Darkside Blues because it is by the same creator as Vampire HUnter D: Bloodlust (which is one of my top favorite anime movies). I find this movie to be a bit confusing at times with many questions left unanswered at the end. Basically the story revolves around Shinjuku, Tokyo now called Darkside. In this futuristic scenario, the Persona company owns most of world, one of the few exceptions to this is Darkside one of the most dangerous places to be yet one with the most freedom. (Since the Persona company rules as a dictatorship) There are those who retaliate against Persona, rebel terrorist groups and delinquent gangs. This story focuses on different characetrs from these groups, but never fully explaining their backgrounds. There's Mai, leader of the street gang, she's street-smart and has lightening quick reflexes. She has a brutal past that we only see glimpses of to come to our own conclusions. Then there's Celia a nurse and healer, who's family was destroyed by Persona, thus she has locked her emotions away (but not her rifle). Tatsuya is part of a rebel terrorist group who escaped the clutches of his pursuers by entering Darkside and being treated for his wounds by Celia. He is determined to make it back to his comrades to continue the fight against Persona. And then there is the mysterious man in black who drives a coach with four horses, he is a powerful psychic who comes speaking of renewal to the people of Shinjuku.
As a whole it is an interesting movie to watch as long as you pay attention, it's not one of my favorites though. The music added atmosphere to the actions but did not really move me to really notice it that much. Content wise, there is brief frontal nudity and a bit of sadistic torture in the begining. Throughout there are gun fights with some results. (course this being a futuristic tokyo, there's a spattering of mutant, psychics and 'enhanced humans' so use your imagination about the violence) If you can tolerate Vampire Hunter D (original) than you shouldn't have a problem with this one. On the plus side I love the animation style, it shows the early stylings similar to Bloodlust. The dubbing is decent since it was done in 1996. So if you're in the mood for a complicated, no straight forward answers type of anime check it out. But I can't fully recommend it. let's say I give it a 4.5 out of 10. I'm holding onto my copy because of the animation. I'm just crazy over the style. I like the scene where there is a close up of Darkside and his hair just starts to move around from an unseen wind. Anywho, that's it for Darkside Blues. I'm going to backtrack a bit back to the 'A's, I have recently purchased Aquarion Age the Movie and on May 10 Appleseed the Movie is being released. Can't wait to watch these, I've been looking forward to them!

Boma at 12:44 PM

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