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Monday, May 09, 2005  
wow! Two posts in one day! How did I ever manage this one?! heh heh. Anyway, Aquarian Age the Movie, what first got me interested in this was the spin off manga Juvenile Orion. This is a five book manga that is very good and that I full heartedly recommend (especially for the pretty boys!) From what I can tell the manga leads up to the movie basically in that universe's history. Don't expect to see many pretty boys in the movie, pretty much it's panty shots. The movie feels like the bridge between a first season and a second season in a series, so if you haven't read the manga or read through the info booklet that comes with the movie you're going to be confused. Basically there are four factions E.G.O., Arayashiki, WIZ-DOM, and Darklore. E.G.O., which stands for Evolutional Generational Organization, is a faction of powerful psychics. Arayashiki use the elements mixed with their spiritual power to cast spells and moves that originated in the East. WIZ-DOM is a secret organization that uses the forbidden Western magic. Pretty much what we traditionally think of as witches and sorcerers. Darklore is human mixed with animal/demon faction. This is where the catgirls come from and the guys with batwings etc. There is one other part. They're not really a faction but rather ordinary person one day discover they have powers the next, and they're the Mind-Breakers. They can unlock the hidden powers in the other factions and join them together. Pretty much these factions are constantly fighting among themselves to be the most powerful faction(with the exception of the Mind Breakers), until one day the Erasors come. These angelic looking beings come to, well, erase everything, or rather anything that poses a threat to their world domination. The factions then band together to overcome these oppressors, resolving their differences at least for the moment. This is what I believe happens in the beginning, this is what is taking place during the time of the manga. The second part The Polestar Empire comes from another dimension seeking a fight with the strongest. The emperor ressurrects dead warriors (kinda like in the R.O.D. OVA except instead of scientists it's warriors) to fill his ranks. Thus the factions must yet again join to do battle against this threat. When I say the factions must join together, the story focuses on a character from each clan as they come together, this essentially forms the story. The movie takes place between these incidents, the end of the Erasers and the beginning of the Polestar. All of this anime and manga originally started as a T.C.G. (laymans terms a Trading Card Game) Luckily unlike Yugioh, the game itself never takes place in Juvenile Orion or the Movie. I have yet to watch the series, but I'm intending to acquire it once I see it at a reasonable price, but I just realized it's only three dvds so it's not too bad. Also from what I've watched/read everyone wished the manga, series, movie to be longer to add more to it but this is because it was so enjoyable. I certainly wished the manga was longer but was pleased with what it had and the ending. So in the end I recommend the movie but would advise to read Juvenile Orion first or probably the series, but since I haven't watched it yet I won't garuntee anythng about it. The movie I give an 8 out of 10. Basically I wished the movie was longer, it's only 60 minutes, but the dvd makes up for this with some interesting extras. The dubbing is pretty good boasting the English voices of Wendee Lee and Lex Lang among others. Even though there are numerous panty shots, I found there to be a pleseant amount of gore and action in it as well. Okey dokey, that's it for Aquarian Age the Movie, enjoy!

Boma at 10:38 PM

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