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Wednesday, September 15, 2004  

Pretear, Gho Posted by Hello

Boma at 12:52 AM


Pretear, left to right, Kei (yes that's a guy) and Gho Posted by Hello

Boma at 12:51 AM


Pretear, the Minors, left to right Mannen (Greg Ayres) Shin, and Hajime Posted by Hello

Boma at 12:49 AM


Pretear, cave-man style Posted by Hello

Boma at 12:47 AM


Pretear, after Preeting Posted by Hello

Boma at 12:46 AM


Pretear, Preeting, yeah, uh-huh, riiiiiiiight . . . Posted by Hello

Boma at 12:45 AM


Pretear, Sasame voiced by Chris Patton Posted by Hello

Boma at 12:44 AM


Pretear, Hayate voiced by Ilich Guardiola Posted by Hello

Boma at 12:43 AM

Tuesday, September 14, 2004  
Aaaaaaaah, Pretear. *sigh* If you want a series with a lot of hot Bishounon this is it. It's a combination of Cinderella and Snow White. This is a story about Himeno Awayuki who's father just remarried to a rich widow. Himeno now has 2 stepsisters. One a spoiled brat trying to deface Himeno in a series of childish traps (and tries to get the knights "cave-man" style) the other so deep into depression over the death of her father she closes in on herself. Now this series is one of those "magical girl" series (i.e. Sailormoon-ish, Cardcaptors-ish etc.) and there are times when she "Prete's" it looks like she is having an orgasim, ok enough of that. The story is thus. The world is alive with 'Leafe'. Every plant, animal, person, even water has Leafe. When the Leafe is taken away by things called Demon Larva, that object withers away and dies. But to make sure this doesn't happen there are the Leafe Knights (Snow White has seven dwarves, Himeno has seven Bishounon, except for the 3 minors who are just plain cute and the not so ambiguosly gay one) The knights can only stop the Larva though if it's still in it's seedlike form, in order to destroy the more powerful form of the Demon Larva the Knights need to "Prete" or combine with the Pretear, a magical girl. And so the story goes of convincing Himeno of her importance, having a love-hate relationship with the brooding leader of the knights, discovering and dealing with one's past and ultimately creating a a family bond that defeats THE POWER OF DARKNESS! mwa ha ha ha! Yeah, it's very shoujo but I'm a girl and the guys are pretty so I'm happy. I can't really think of a reason for a guy to check into this except maybe to see Himeno Prete. But it's 13 episodes so it doesn't hurt the pocket too much. As for English voice actors this is put out by ADV so you probably heard of some of these names. Himeno - Luci Christian (Azumanga Daioh - Yukari, Full Metal Panic! - Kaname) Hayate - Ilich Guardiola (Saiyuki - Gojyo, DNAnagel - Krad) Sasame - Chris Patton (Full Metal Panic! - Sousuke Sagara, Rahxephon - Ayato Kamina) Kei - Victor Carsrud (Rahxephon, Noir, Princess Nine, all additional voices) The only other one worth mentioning is Mannen voiced by Greg Ayres (Saiyuki - Goku, and I believe Chrono from Crusade, I got that from the Right Stuf website all other actor/character/series I looked up on imdb.com) ok, there are some caps to check out.

Boma at 11:07 PM

Friday, September 10, 2004  

Last shot of the Bookcase! I told you it was good! EEEEEEE!!! Posted by Hello

Boma at 5:03 PM


The bottom part of the Bookcase with Kagura, Shigure, Hatori, Heero, Kisa, and Ayame! Posted by Hello

Boma at 4:59 PM


The other side of the bookcase with Hatsuharu, Momiji, and Ritsu . . . Posted by Hello

Boma at 4:58 PM


A bigger view of the Bookcase by Jackie Posted by Hello

Boma at 4:55 PM

Tuesday, September 07, 2004  

Tohru Honda painted on Kim's bookcase by Jackie Posted by Hello

Boma at 10:11 PM

Here are some pictures I took of my friend Kim's Bookcase. Jackie drew the Fruits Basket characters on it and they bothey both painted. Jackie did the shading. Ahhhhh, Jackie, very Very talented, very, VERY humble. Maybe I can get some scans of her work just to show you how GOOD she is! Well I hope you enjoy the pictures and her work!

Boma at 9:44 PM

Saturday, September 04, 2004  
Forgot! Don't forget Inuyasha the Movie: Affections that Transcend Time, is being released Tuesday, September 7th, Region 1. Woo-Hoo! The Second Inuyasha Movie I believe is being released Dec. 28. But you never know, my luck they'll postpone it like every other highly anticipated anime movie/series *cough* *cough*Nausicaa*cough* * Totoro** cough* * cough* Porco Rosso* cough* *cough*

Boma at 8:59 PM

Just got and finished the latest Twelve Kingdoms (vol. 7). I think there is 3 more discs comming out. Anyway, I love this series and I show it by getting a couple of my friends addicted to it as well. A little about this one, there is the continuation of Suzu's and the princess girlie character developments. How they view Yoko's ascension to throne of Kei differently, one with malice the other in overflowing awe. We also get to see Asano again! But . . . weeeeeell . . . I wouldn't want to ruin it for you . . . let's just say he has left the building. For the most part this was another excellent addition to this series the only minor flaw I could see was that it was a tad predictable especially during the chapters featuring Suzu. I haven't gotten around to doing any screencaps yet maybe within a couple of days, still trying to figure out some new wallpaper ideas. okey, dokey.

Boma at 8:45 PM

Friday, September 03, 2004  
Added a new Fruits Basket Kyo wallpaper and a Darres from the manga Vampire Game. Neither of them are my best, but it's hard to work with scanned manga images. oh, well. They're decent enough and I don't think there are too many Vampire game wallpapers out there. I'm gonna try some more. Experiment a little. Let me know what you think! Ineed some feedback on them, ANY feedback! lol.

Boma at 9:16 PM

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