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Monday, May 30, 2005  
Hrmmmm, Earthian. What to say about Earthian? Well this is old school anime first coming out in 1989. But let's start at the beginning. I got this because I was a sucker for the cover. I really do like the cover art on the dvd and it got my interested in it. The premise sounded interesting too. It's something like: Angels are sent to judge the earth. One is Kagetsuya who is the pessimistic, vengeful angel. His partner is Chihaya an optimistic, compassionate angel. While one finds out the negatives of humanity the other finds the positives. While I found that ineresting enough to get it and try it, the story really doesn't go anywhere. Perhaps because it has only four episodes? probably. The events that happen in the story, such as Chihaya being cursed with black wings or even the main plot of whether or not Humans (Earthians) are doomed or saved never comes to fruition. I do not approve of the ending cause it stops without any answers. The four episodes that are in this "collection" when watched, feel like they were picked up here and there during the series leaving one confused and wondering "where are they now? What's up with their relationship?" In the first episode Kagetsuya and Chihaya have the '60's twin beds then in the third episode they have the king size. Would like some developement here! oh well. It looked pretty and it starts out promising. But it falls flat, would have been far better if they at least made it a 13 episode series. There is apparently a manga that will be released sometime in 2005. Not really sure, but there are items under "books" and "earthian". But I don't thin I'll be picking them up. Anywho, I give it 4 out of 10, besides the faults I mentioned above it wasn't a COMPLETE waste of time and money, but in the end it should've been longer.

Boma at 6:16 PM

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