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Monday, May 23, 2005  
Ok, just finished watching the first dvd of Aquarian Age, the series. I enjoyed it. The story is being drawn out more than the movie. I think I would stick to Juvenile Orion the manga when first stepping into this, but the series is doing a decent job of not totally confusing the audience. Basically the story is focusing on Kyouta who with his two friends, Shingo and Junichi, have a band that they desparately want to go pro. Kyouta in the meantime, keeps seeing flashing images of girls doing battle. So what's so special about Kyouta that the clans start fighting over him? What's up with his girlfriend Yoriko? Is she hiding something? The animation is good. I haven't seen this style before. I also like the voice actor combination. Chris Patton (seeing a lot of him these days it seems!) = Kyouta, Vic Mignogna = Shingo (he acts really crazy like a guy at a party college. Kinda funny when you compare him to Ed Elric in Full Metal Alchemist), Greg Ayres = Junichi, Monica Rial = Yoriko. So this is a great cast, the 3 guys really go well together 0:) (yeah, I have angel eyes here, hee hee hee) Anyway, The series is only 13 episodes, 3 dvds. If you more of my opinion of Aquarian Age check it out under the Aquarian Age Movie.

Boma at 7:56 PM

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