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Tuesday, June 29, 2004  
Added a page of wallpapers I did from various series. I think they're all 800X600. Please let me know what you think!

Boma at 4:23 PM

Sunday, June 27, 2004  

Just a sampling of the artwork in Vampire Game by Judal. Posted by Hello

Boma at 9:43 PM


Vampire Game by Judal: Darres, Princess Ishtar's bodyguard Posted by Hello

Boma at 9:41 PM


Vampire Game by Judal: Duzzell and his sarcastic comments.  Posted by Hello

Boma at 9:37 PM


Some of the comedy seen in Vampire Game by Judal. Remember to read right to left! Posted by Hello

Boma at 9:17 PM

I don't really read a lot of manga. It's a bit expensive but I am a loyal reader to a couple of titles out there. Besides Fruits Basket, there's Vampire Game by Judal. I love the artwork, it kinda reminds me of something from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. It's about Duzzell the Vampire King in an eternal battle with King Phelios. This is what I mean by eternal, *ahem*, Duzzell and Phelios are fighting, Phelios sacrifices himself to kill Duzzell, but Duzzell says he'll have his revenge. Years later, the spirit of Duzzell makes a bargain with a Kyawl (a big cat thing with horns) to help avenge it's dead kittens in return for a body. Blah, blah, blah. Duzzell, the former Vampire King is reincarnated as a kitten and now must find Phelios' reincarnation so that he may have his revenge. Mean while, he is adopted by Princess Ishtar the Great -Grand Daughter of Phelios. She finds out his secret and decides to help him take out one of her relatives. Her reason being that they're all out to get her (either to marry her or kill her for the throne) anyway. And so the adventure begins. Ishtar being very impulsive and troublesome but she has a good heart. Duzzell being at first the anti-hero, willing to spill blood for anything, but after being around Ishtar he starts to warm up even though he stays darkly sarcastic. Darres is Ishtar's guardian. He is a knight who's her bodyguard, rather. He is always running after her, tryinig to find her and rescue her from the trouble she caused. They're pretty much the main cast so far, supported by great minor characters. This manga is put out by Tokyopop and is characterized as being a Gothic Romance, but there's quite a bit of comedy and mystery. I would love to see this one turned into an anime, hee hee hee. anywho, here are some scans I took of some of the panels.

Boma at 8:12 PM

Friday, June 25, 2004  

Saiyuki: clockwise: Goku, Hakkai, Gojyo, Sanzo Posted by Hello

Boma at 11:17 PM


Saiyuki: Left - Cho Hakkai, Top - Genjo Sanzo, Bottom - Son Goku, Right - Sha Gojyo Posted by Hello

Boma at 11:11 PM

Ok, Let's seeeee . . . Don't feel like going to work again tomorrow. Just wanna stay home and take root to the couch watching anime. Oh, Well, guess it would be better to have money to pay for the anime, right? Well, i finished Saiyuki: Following the Scriptures. OoooooH, I can't WAIT for the next one! finally, FINALLY we will be able to see Hakkai go all Demon! I've been waiting for this for last 10 discs. 'Course this is where they leave you hanging. The ear cuffs fall to the ground and the screaming starts as the tranformation takes place. *sigh* Oh well. Saiyuki is a really good and LONG series (12 discs in all). It's full of rampaging demons, gods/goddesses with superiority complexes, plotting villains, and most importantly HOT Guys with attitudes! hee hee hee. Ok, the basic plot at least, Sanzo, a high ranking Buddhist monk (even though he doesn't act that holy since he smokes and totes a gun around with him) is summoned to the Temple of the Sun (or something like that) and is commanded to hook up with Sha Gojyo (half demon) and Cho Hakkai (Human turned into a demon) and head West. Someone is trying to combine the science of man with the magic of demons to ressurrect Gyumou. So Sanzo heads West with Goku (a mysterious demon, who annoyed Sanzo into taking him home with him, is constantly hungry, and has a complex forgotten history) in tow. He meets up as planned with Gojyo and Hakkai and thus their "Journey to the West" begins. I like this anime, even though the animation is kinda "artsy" as a friend of mine puts it *cough* Karen *cough*. It is true though. I've never seen anime presented like this. The colors are vivd and the series uses numerous wipes as it goes from scene to scene. They also overlay images (so you see the negative of let's say a face, that image would be placed on top of another image while that face was talking. They do this a lot with flashbacks. The animation can get a little cheesy at times too. When the group would be walking down the street all four would be going up and down in unison while walking as if they used one cell for the group. yet again, I say Oh Well. I'm not complaining. Let's seeee Voice Actors: Genjo Sanzo: David Matranga (Dirty Pair, Sorecerous Stabber Orphen), Son Goku: Greg Ayers (Pretear, Full Metal Panic, Steel Angel Kurumi), Sha Gojyo: Illich Guardiola (Pretear, Ushio and Tora, Rahxephon), Cho Hakkai: Braden Hunt (Unlimited Saga). Guardiola and Ayers are the best in the group, in my opinion, as far as voice acting. But the other two fit their characters nicely and do a good job. ok, that's it for me.

Boma at 9:14 PM

Wednesday, June 23, 2004  
Go see my drawings! Leave me messages!

Boma at 10:18 PM


Fruits Basket: Tohru, a bit spaced out here! Posted by Hello

Boma at 1:25 AM


Fruits Basket: Shigure Posted by Hello

Boma at 1:22 AM


Fruits Basket: Kyo left and Yuki right Posted by Hello

Boma at 1:20 AM

Tuesday, June 22, 2004  
Ok, let's see. My favorite manga turned anime is Fruits Basket. I don't know anyone who hates Fruits Basket. This is probably one of the most widely enjoyed series out there. The story focuses on Tohru Honda who had just lost her mother the year before and in trying not to be a burden on anyone decided to live in a tent while going to school. Little did she know that the land she was living on belonged to the Sohma family and who happens to live here? Yuki Sohma, the most popular/sought after guy in school (he has his on fan club, much to his dismay) Now Yuki and Shigure (his older cousin) were not going to let this girl live in a tent by herself and they were in desparate need of a housekeeper. This is how Tohru enters into the lives of the Sohmas. While moving her meager belongings into an empty room, there is a loud crash! Someone smashes through the ceiling. It is another sohma by the name of Kyo and as he is threatening Yuki to fight, Tohru runs to grab him. POOF! He turns into a cat! Shigure comes up to see what the commotion is and as she runs over to Yuki and Shigure she trips into them. As they collide, Yuki turns into a rat and Shigure into a dog (which is only fitting since he's the lecher of the series). Well the secret is out! Members of the Sohma family are cursed by the spirits of the Chinese Zodiac. So let's review! There's a Dragon, dog, rat, ox, boar, tiger, snake, ram, rabbit, monkey. Now not to dissappoint anyone but there are 2 members that don't make an appearance in the anime the horse and the rooster (pity since the rooster is my sign ;P) Now, I mentioned that kyo turned into the cat, well, he's part of the family but "he'll never belong". So he's pretty much always pissed off unless Tohru is around. The anime tells the story a dozen times about the cat and the zodiac, so I'm just gonna say GO OUT AND GET THIS ONE!! If you only get one series this year THIS SHOULD BE THE ONE! The convenient thing about that is 1) It's 26 episodes on 4 discs, better for the wallet. 2) Put out by Funimation = great quality and extras on every disc. 3) Great translation with a great cast. Tohru Honda - Laura Bailey (YuYu Hakusho, Dragonball/Z/GT, Kiddy Grade) Yuki Sohma - Eric Vale (YuYu Hakusho, Dragonball/Z/GT, Kiddy Grade), Kyo Sohma - Jerry Jewel (YuYu Hakusho, Dragonball/GT, Blue Gender), Shigure Sohma - John Burgmeier (YuYu Hakusho, Dragonball/Z/GT) Hmmmm are we getting the drift with these series' actors? lol. But they deserve it. They're very talented and they fit the characters, so no complaints from me. So the anime is great and if you want more of it, I reccommend the manga. It goes further into the story plus you get to meet the last two characters, the horse and the rooster. So I'll leave it at that. I'll add some screencaps I took to give you an idea of the animation and character designs.

Boma at 11:56 PM

OK, I'm cheap. I used the same skin as my brother's. But it's so much more functional than the other ones. and I'm finally getting a force feeding of how to use HTML. Well what do you think? I like the columns, so I can play with it a bit. So, I finally finished watching Last Exile Vol. 4. This is one of the best series out there. This disc is pretty much goes through the histories of the characters and the interconnections between them. Ok, this is a brief one, I need sleep. Later.

Boma at 12:47 AM

Thursday, June 17, 2004  

Last Exile screencap, Alex Rowe, Captain of the Sylvana.  Posted by Hello

Boma at 10:57 PM


Last Exile screencap, left to right, Al, Lavie, and Claus Posted by Hello

Boma at 10:48 PM


A screencap I did of Last Exile with CG fireworks in the background. Posted by Hello

Boma at 10:44 PM

Trying to find a better skin. I like this one's image but I want one that's a little more functional. Maybe I'll be cheap and cop the skin my bro is using. Seems to be working for him. Anyway, I still haven't gotten around to watching Vamp. Hunter D: Bloodlust again, even though I can tell you right now in my opinion it's a masterpiece. It's a must have just for the animation alone. If you've seen it, the scene that really gets me with the detail is when Charlotte is walking around outside the carriage and the area looks riddled with stone ruins and the ground is all a shallow pool. The scene cuts to a ruined stone bridge with a trickle of a stream running down the side and there are rose bushes growing over it. I can picture it in my head, but please excuse if I didn't get the details exact. If you've seen it then you probably know what I'm talking about. ANYway, what I have been watching, slowly but surely, is the newest Last Exile, Breakthrough. This series is great. Another must have. This series combines the standard 2-d animation with scenes mixed with CG. These mixes are near seamless. The music, by Dolce Triade, is fantastic. (of course it is, because I went out and got the OST vol. 1) The story is captivating. It's about Claus and Lavie(no relation), a couple of parentless kids who want to continue their fathers' carreers as Van ship pilots. Which is pretty much delivering documents in a war torn country. During a race, they witness a lone van ship being attacked and crashing. They go to help. The dying pilot gives them an unconcious young girl with a mission to take her to the Sylvana for protection. And thus the adventure begins. What is so important about this mysterious girl that they are being targetted by the enemy for her? Whatever happened to their parents? What is Alex's real motive? or my question, just WHAT is up with Dio (he's the series psycho, weirdo, but I haven't seen much of his older sister who seems to be 10 times weirder/psychotic than he is)? Let's seeee . . . what else? OH! The voice actors. There are a couple recognizable names here for the english version. Guys that seem to be popping up pretty frequently and rightly so for their talent. Claus - Johnny Yong Bosch (Heat Guy J, Wolf's Rain, Trigun), Lavie - Kari Walgren (Wolf's Rain, Witch Hunter Robin, FLCL), Alex Rowe - Crispin Freeman (Hellsing, Slayers, Wolf's Rain [get the drift?], Chobits, S-Cry-ed, Witch Hunter Robin), Dio Eraclea - Joshua Seth (Wolf's Rain, Trigun, Akira), Mullen Shetland (even though I didn't mention him above, I like this character. He's pretty much the comedy relief) - Dave Wittenburg as David Lelyveld (S-Cry-ed, Witch Hunter Robin, Xenosaga [video game, Very good might I add!]). Ok, I'm going back to skin hunting!

Boma at 9:26 PM

Monday, June 14, 2004  

My most recent acquisitions. Saiyuki figures! Left to Right: Son Goku, Genjo Sanzo, and Sha Gojyo. Posted by Hello

Boma at 8:38 PM

Ok, when I first saw the trailers for Heat Guy J, I was like "ehhh". Not to thrilled but I did like the music. Then one night while flipping through channels, go by MTV2 and heard "Vampire". Now of course that got my attention. Turns out Vampire is a term they characters call the head of family, kinda like the mob. So that pretty much hooked me. The music is catchy, by Try Force. Nice animation, the CG is all right not the greatest but passable. The characters are great though. Daisuke Aurora is part of the Special Unit assigned to detect and prevent future crime. His partner is J who happens to be the only legal android in the city. Then you have Claire Leonelli who is the "vampire", the new head of the crime family. I like him, he's a good psycopath with a penchant for hand grenades. 'Course my favorite character is Boma. He's the brooding, emotionally baggaged wolf-headed guy with a one track mind and a one track sword. This series also has a decent English voice cast. Daisuke - Steve Cannon, Heat Guy J - Bob Pappenbrook, Claire Leonelli - Johnny Yong Bosch, Boma - Edward Villa. I got these names from www.imdb.com and then double checked the names against the credits. That's one thing that annoys me, sometimes they don't put the character names with the voice actors names, so you don't know who's who. ugh. ANYway, this is my current obsession. But I think I'm in the mood for Vampire Hunter D:Bloodlust next.

Boma at 3:39 PM

Sunday, June 13, 2004  
Finally I'm doing something constructive! I'm dedicating this blog to my furthering the spread of anime. I love it! It's like a drug. I've been collecting anime for about a year and a half. I've been hoarding DVD's mostly but I have some neat looking figures (hopefully I'll get some pictures up in the near future) and I just started some manga series (Fruits Basket, Hellsing, Saiyuki, Vampire Game, and a little Rebirth). My current collections are: Heat Guy J, Last Exile, Saiyuki, Twelve Kingdoms, and Yu Yu Hakusho.

I'll have more interesting things to say later, just want to get the introductions and blah, blah, blah over.

But for now since it's late, Toodles

Boma at 10:28 PM

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