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Sunday, June 27, 2004  
I don't really read a lot of manga. It's a bit expensive but I am a loyal reader to a couple of titles out there. Besides Fruits Basket, there's Vampire Game by Judal. I love the artwork, it kinda reminds me of something from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. It's about Duzzell the Vampire King in an eternal battle with King Phelios. This is what I mean by eternal, *ahem*, Duzzell and Phelios are fighting, Phelios sacrifices himself to kill Duzzell, but Duzzell says he'll have his revenge. Years later, the spirit of Duzzell makes a bargain with a Kyawl (a big cat thing with horns) to help avenge it's dead kittens in return for a body. Blah, blah, blah. Duzzell, the former Vampire King is reincarnated as a kitten and now must find Phelios' reincarnation so that he may have his revenge. Mean while, he is adopted by Princess Ishtar the Great -Grand Daughter of Phelios. She finds out his secret and decides to help him take out one of her relatives. Her reason being that they're all out to get her (either to marry her or kill her for the throne) anyway. And so the adventure begins. Ishtar being very impulsive and troublesome but she has a good heart. Duzzell being at first the anti-hero, willing to spill blood for anything, but after being around Ishtar he starts to warm up even though he stays darkly sarcastic. Darres is Ishtar's guardian. He is a knight who's her bodyguard, rather. He is always running after her, tryinig to find her and rescue her from the trouble she caused. They're pretty much the main cast so far, supported by great minor characters. This manga is put out by Tokyopop and is characterized as being a Gothic Romance, but there's quite a bit of comedy and mystery. I would love to see this one turned into an anime, hee hee hee. anywho, here are some scans I took of some of the panels.

Boma at 8:12 PM

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