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Friday, June 25, 2004  
Ok, Let's seeeee . . . Don't feel like going to work again tomorrow. Just wanna stay home and take root to the couch watching anime. Oh, Well, guess it would be better to have money to pay for the anime, right? Well, i finished Saiyuki: Following the Scriptures. OoooooH, I can't WAIT for the next one! finally, FINALLY we will be able to see Hakkai go all Demon! I've been waiting for this for last 10 discs. 'Course this is where they leave you hanging. The ear cuffs fall to the ground and the screaming starts as the tranformation takes place. *sigh* Oh well. Saiyuki is a really good and LONG series (12 discs in all). It's full of rampaging demons, gods/goddesses with superiority complexes, plotting villains, and most importantly HOT Guys with attitudes! hee hee hee. Ok, the basic plot at least, Sanzo, a high ranking Buddhist monk (even though he doesn't act that holy since he smokes and totes a gun around with him) is summoned to the Temple of the Sun (or something like that) and is commanded to hook up with Sha Gojyo (half demon) and Cho Hakkai (Human turned into a demon) and head West. Someone is trying to combine the science of man with the magic of demons to ressurrect Gyumou. So Sanzo heads West with Goku (a mysterious demon, who annoyed Sanzo into taking him home with him, is constantly hungry, and has a complex forgotten history) in tow. He meets up as planned with Gojyo and Hakkai and thus their "Journey to the West" begins. I like this anime, even though the animation is kinda "artsy" as a friend of mine puts it *cough* Karen *cough*. It is true though. I've never seen anime presented like this. The colors are vivd and the series uses numerous wipes as it goes from scene to scene. They also overlay images (so you see the negative of let's say a face, that image would be placed on top of another image while that face was talking. They do this a lot with flashbacks. The animation can get a little cheesy at times too. When the group would be walking down the street all four would be going up and down in unison while walking as if they used one cell for the group. yet again, I say Oh Well. I'm not complaining. Let's seeee Voice Actors: Genjo Sanzo: David Matranga (Dirty Pair, Sorecerous Stabber Orphen), Son Goku: Greg Ayers (Pretear, Full Metal Panic, Steel Angel Kurumi), Sha Gojyo: Illich Guardiola (Pretear, Ushio and Tora, Rahxephon), Cho Hakkai: Braden Hunt (Unlimited Saga). Guardiola and Ayers are the best in the group, in my opinion, as far as voice acting. But the other two fit their characters nicely and do a good job. ok, that's it for me.

Boma at 9:14 PM

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