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Thursday, June 17, 2004  
Trying to find a better skin. I like this one's image but I want one that's a little more functional. Maybe I'll be cheap and cop the skin my bro is using. Seems to be working for him. Anyway, I still haven't gotten around to watching Vamp. Hunter D: Bloodlust again, even though I can tell you right now in my opinion it's a masterpiece. It's a must have just for the animation alone. If you've seen it, the scene that really gets me with the detail is when Charlotte is walking around outside the carriage and the area looks riddled with stone ruins and the ground is all a shallow pool. The scene cuts to a ruined stone bridge with a trickle of a stream running down the side and there are rose bushes growing over it. I can picture it in my head, but please excuse if I didn't get the details exact. If you've seen it then you probably know what I'm talking about. ANYway, what I have been watching, slowly but surely, is the newest Last Exile, Breakthrough. This series is great. Another must have. This series combines the standard 2-d animation with scenes mixed with CG. These mixes are near seamless. The music, by Dolce Triade, is fantastic. (of course it is, because I went out and got the OST vol. 1) The story is captivating. It's about Claus and Lavie(no relation), a couple of parentless kids who want to continue their fathers' carreers as Van ship pilots. Which is pretty much delivering documents in a war torn country. During a race, they witness a lone van ship being attacked and crashing. They go to help. The dying pilot gives them an unconcious young girl with a mission to take her to the Sylvana for protection. And thus the adventure begins. What is so important about this mysterious girl that they are being targetted by the enemy for her? Whatever happened to their parents? What is Alex's real motive? or my question, just WHAT is up with Dio (he's the series psycho, weirdo, but I haven't seen much of his older sister who seems to be 10 times weirder/psychotic than he is)? Let's seeee . . . what else? OH! The voice actors. There are a couple recognizable names here for the english version. Guys that seem to be popping up pretty frequently and rightly so for their talent. Claus - Johnny Yong Bosch (Heat Guy J, Wolf's Rain, Trigun), Lavie - Kari Walgren (Wolf's Rain, Witch Hunter Robin, FLCL), Alex Rowe - Crispin Freeman (Hellsing, Slayers, Wolf's Rain [get the drift?], Chobits, S-Cry-ed, Witch Hunter Robin), Dio Eraclea - Joshua Seth (Wolf's Rain, Trigun, Akira), Mullen Shetland (even though I didn't mention him above, I like this character. He's pretty much the comedy relief) - Dave Wittenburg as David Lelyveld (S-Cry-ed, Witch Hunter Robin, Xenosaga [video game, Very good might I add!]). Ok, I'm going back to skin hunting!

Boma at 9:26 PM

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