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Wednesday, January 11, 2006  
*sigh* been a while, sorry! I've been obsessing over Fire Emblem for the Nintendo Gamecube. The graphics are good in this and I like the characters. This isn't a typical RPG. This is more strategy based where different weapons/ magic trump each other. For example: ax trumps spear, spear trumps sword, and sword trumps ax. Wind magic trumps Light magic, light trumps fire, fire trumps wind. And then there are instances where bonus damage will occur depending on the character such as arrows taking on a flying unit (pegasus knight, wvyern knight, hawk, crow). So you won't be doing a lot of button mashing with this game. You position your unit and hit the attack comand and they do their own thing. Now there will also be different criteria to finish a battle. There is Routing where you take out all the enemy units, Defeat Boss, Arrive (at a certain spot), Seize (a certain spot) etc. Then there is a touch of Radiata Stories influence in here as well. Instead of making friends, you acquire soldiers. You can do this by either hiring them, or talking to them on the battle field or they just join up. So there is replay value in trying to get all possible fighters offered. So, basically, your character is Ike who takes over the leadership of a band of mercenaries upon his father's death. On one mission he rescues Princess Elincia and finding out her country of Crimea has been taken over by neihboring Daien, you take the job of finding her support from the other neighboring countries. And while doing so you seek revenge for your father's death and find out the true reason behind the war. Throw in mix of humanoid cats, tigers, crows, hawks, and dragons and it's a pretty addictive game, a must have for people who like strategy and a good plot.

Oh, yeah, Happy Belated New Year!

Boma at 9:16 PM

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