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Sunday, December 25, 2005  
Hrmmmm, been a long time since I posted last, huh? Well, Happy Holidays!! I just finished playing Radiata Stories for the PS2. Quite interesting. The graphics are superb. It gives the illusion of space. For example, your character is running through the forest and his feet is kicking up leaves or trees go by in the forground with little lizards crawling up their trunks. Also the assortment of bright colors keeps your attention to the screen. The music is also very well done with each part of the city/world has it's own theme. (Throughout the story you can collect by either finding or purchasing different themes to play on your record player in your room) A third plus for the game is good voice overs. The actors really put feally into their parts and it feels like they really relate to their characters. The only downer for this game could be the lack of emphasis on the plot. Instead of developing this angle they focus more on the game play, which is to make friends and develope your battle group. There are all these different characters in the story and as you complete or solve their chores and problems they sign on so they can join your group. (One thing I haven't seen before, is that each of these "citizens" is on there own schedule. They are at different locations depending on the time of the day. So they don't reset when you leave the screen.) This being fun and all in it's own right I'd have preferred some more story development. Overall I enjoyed this game with the graphics and the affect time has on the characters. (Oh! one more thing! Your main character can kick things throughout the environment. This can reveal hidden items or start fights with the citizens.) So if you're looking for something new and have some time on your hands check this game out. Final note this is a Square Enix Game by Tri-Ace (Star Ocean: Til the End of Time)

Boma at 10:11 PM

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