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Thursday, September 08, 2005  
Excel Saga, what to say about Excel Saga? This is absolutely crazy. Basically it parodies all the different genres of anime and pokes fun at/ pays tribute to specific anime titles. For example each episode has a different characteristic from a sci-fi parody to romantic comedy (like those popular dating sim games) to horror. All topped off with Excel who, to put mildly, has coffee instead of blood running through her veins. She is overly hyper and speaks a mile a minute. About halfway through the series the english voice actress had to drop out due to possible vocal damage from having to do Excel's voice. Excel's partner in crime is Hyatt who drops dead, literally, every five minutes or less. But never fear there is an over all, barely-there plot running throughout this constantly changing series. There is a secret organization called Across headed by Illpalazo who then has Excel, Hyatt, and a mop as minions. Their mission is to take over the world but first, as a jumping off point, they are to take over the City of F. They try doing this by implementing various nonsensicle (sp?) plans like killing manga artists or making giant robots etc. But basically the only thing that goes on is random chaos. I do admit that I like the extras on the dvd. There's ad-vid notes that when activated you watch the episodes and a menchi head pops up to point out all the references which is very handy. Menchi,on a side note, is Excel's dog that she keeps as an emergency food ration. So Menchi (which literally mean's 'minced meat') is constantly trying to escape her apartment. In the beginning the show was entertaining but as it went on the novelty wears off to where you say "eh". The music sounds like it's from a video game and the animation is a bit choppy. It pretty much rates an ok with me. I only have the first two volumes maybe if I ever hit the lottery I'll pick up the rest of it but it's not number one on my "to get" list. In the end I say if you want a good wacky comedy watch Azumanga Daioh which is a lot better than this series.

Boma at 8:55 PM

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