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Monday, April 18, 2005  
Ok, it took longer than I planned to watch and write a review for Cowboy Bebop the Movie. Sorry! I've been distracted watching Tenjo Tenge and playing Star Ocean: 'til the end of time. Course I played that game before but now I have the official player's book, hee hee hee! I want the good ending this time! I highly recommend this game, great graphics, voice overs, story, and fighting system. Anywho to the review! This movie was highly anticipated because of how much of a hit the series was/is. I love the tag line for this "They're here to save the planet. But not for free." Basically you have the madman Vincent who wants to destroy Mars by unleashing a biological nanomachine virus (which he of course is immune to). With such a deadly terrorist at large there goes with it an equally large bounty which catches the eyes of our bounty hunters Spike, Faye, and Jet. They each go about their own way of discovering the culprit, the virus and apprehending the criminal in typical own ways. Here we see a lot of Spike action from his hand-to-hand combat to marksmanship to an aerial dogfight. As for the English voice acting it is the same as the series. Ok Ok Ok, there's a voice actor by the name of David Lucas who is credited as the voice of Spike in the series, but then in the movie he is credited as Steven Blum. Before the movie came out I was like "sure they could be different people" but then I read somewhere that the same actors were being used for the movie because of how well they did. So that is what convinced me that they are the same person. But that's me, if anyone can prove otherwise please let me know. David Lucas/Steve Blum is one of my favorite voice actors so I'd like to know. Now as for the time frame of the movie, this is another debatable topic. It is generally believed though that it takes place between the early 20 (as in between episodes 21, 22, 23, 24 etc.) episodes. Another highpoint for the movie, is how highly detailed the animation is. From the detail on Spike's gun to the Bebop to even the backgrounds are painstakingly done. The movie also features the exquisite music by Yoko Kanno. One last thing, the dvd features featurettes, interviews with the director, Shinichiro Watanabe, the voice actors both english and Japanese and comparisons of the series to the big screen. Also the special features include character biographies, art galleries, music videos, and trailers. In the end, I give this my seal of approval, and another must have for Cowboy Bebop and Anime fans alike to collect.
Next up on the block is D.N.Angel volume 1.
Happy Watching!

Boma at 10:43 PM

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