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Monday, April 11, 2005  
I had gotten Cowboy Bebop: Best Sessions cheap at Wal-Mart since the only other Bebop I have is the movie. Yet again there really isn't anything special about this edition. The series itself is great but I suggest going out and just getting it especially since there will be a soopped up Remix of the entire series coming out this summer.

*REMIX will feature a completely remixed and remastered Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS surround sound and remastered video under the direction/supervision of Shinchiro Watanabe. REMIX will include new extras such as interviews with the US voice actors and actresses, collections of trailers, promos, the Session 0 extras (Japanese Interviews witht he staff and cast, story digest of the second half of the series, Tank music videos) and more. *
- Anime News Network

I highly recommend this series as it follows the bounty hunters Spike, Jet, Faye, and (not really a bounty hunter but still there) Ed and Ein. The heavier parts of the series follows Spike with his past of being a former hitman for the syndicate is catching up with him. Faye has a bit of a dramatic past as well which I will not go into so as not to spoil it. Ed and Ein are pretty much the comedic characters of the series. Now granted I've only watched this series all the way through when it was on Cartoon Network so it has been a while, but this is a must have for any anime collector (or as in my case, at least watch all the way through once). The characters are highly developed, no fluff with their personalities, they have 'em and they stick to 'em. If anything the music itself, composed by Yoko Kanno and performed by The Seat Belts, is worth watching the series for. This anime has one of the soundtracks out there. Now I've only watched this in English dub and it is also well done considering when it came out. David Lucus and Wendee Lee being two voice actors on my "favorites list". From what I hear and from what I read of other people's opinions of the dubbing is that overall it is considered one of the best. Most, MOST, people are pleased with it. I'll watch sub or dub, with the option of dub coming first. It has to be really, REALLY bad for me not to like the dub *cough* Zenki *cough*. Anyway, put this series on your 'To Watch' list, but don't bother with the Best Sessions edition. Basically it's a two disc edition that dictates the director's top three episodes, 1. Asteroid Blues (eps. 1), 2. Ballad of Fallen Angels (eps. 5), and 3. Wild Horses (eps. 19). On disc 2 it's the Fan Favorites episodes, 1. Waltz for Venus (eps. 8), 2. Mushroom Samba (eps. 17) and 3. Hard Luck Woman (eps. 24). There aren't any extras beyond trailers and the usual audio/subtitle options and a reversible cover. No commentaries or anything whcih is a bit of a downer, but with Remix coming out expect something in those extras. Any who that's it, next post won't be as long since it will be Bebop: the Movie and will probably say the same thing, heh heh heh.

Boma at 10:10 PM

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