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Wednesday, March 16, 2005  
Ah, finally finished Blue Seed. This was the first full series I purchased. It came as a brick and was a reasonable price 30-ish. They have re-released the series as a new set. Anywho, there really isn't anything special or spectacular about this series. It's pretty generic. It was released in 1994 to give you a frame of reference. You have Momiji Fugimiya, who's a typical high school student until she discovers she has a twin sister and that she is the Kushinada, a woman who's sacrifice would put the Aragami to sleep and save Japan. Well, her sister became disposed of and so the T.A.C. (a secret agancy organized to fight the Aragami) come to get her and protect her. The Aragami are these plant/animal monsters wanting to destroy the human race. To make sure that the humans wouldn't sacrifice the Kushinada, they created Kusanagi, who was human turned into am aragami, to protect the kushinada. As time goes by a ceramic field was discovered that would bind the kushinada's power. The Aragami got their tentacles on it and are notw bent on killing momiji and now Kusanagi who has betrayed the Aragami. So basically it's a screaming girl with monsters after her. But it's enjoyable, with the love tension between Momiji and Kusanagi. There's plenty of action and even a bit of blood. There's more to the story than what I'm saying here, it's heavily into environmental themes and Japanese mythology which makes you want to go out and read up on some of the characters. The main characters are Momiji (she's a screamer, love sick, clutzy girl who's determined to do her best to save Japan), Kaede (Momiji's older twin sister who mysteriously disappeared), Kunikida (head of the T.A.C., adoptive father of Kaede and later guardian of Momiji, makes bad puns, and is dedicated to protecting the Kushinada and ridding Japan of the Aragami), Takeuchi (former police woman, and secretly in love with Kunikida), Kome (was transffered from the air force, has the ability to find out where guns and weapons of mass destruction are to add to her collection, She's loud and straightforward), Matsudaira (work a holic woman who had gotten a divorce because of her focus on her work), Sakura (phsycic who was taken to the U.S. after her mother was killed and now works for the C.I.A., She's loud and obnoxious and always wants to be the center of attention) and Kusanagi (Aragami killed his family when he was a baby and then implanted 7 blue seeds that turned him into an Aragami and was given the duty to protect the Kushinada. He's cool but as Sakura says "Kusanagi, you're cute but dense as a bag of bricks." He's quick on everything except the female mind, lol) Fun characters, interesting story, typical animation. It's a fun series but probably nothing you haven't seen somewhere else.

Boma at 6:22 PM

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