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Wednesday, February 09, 2005  
Ok, I got this one, again, from sheer curiosity. I mean seriously "Bastard!"? Anywho, it's about Dark Schneider a powerful warlock hellbent on mayhem, destruction and world domination. He is finally sealed by the people of Meta-Rikana. Years later his generals decide to continue with the mayhem, destruction and world domination. Out of desperation the people release Dark Schneider to protect them from the generals. But he's not going to protect them cause he's a nice guy, he doesn't take well to being attacked himself by his old generals and army. And as the description on the back of the case ends "it's been a while since he had some fun . . ." Mature audiences only, bloody violence, sexual inuendos (funny!), and nudity. This is only six episodes in all and leaves you wanting more at the end. The animation style is nothing spectacular being done in 1992 and has that grainy look in the transfer. If you want a really good laugh watch this in the english dub. It's hysterical, no matter how sinister and menacing the characters try to be I always cracked up. An example is Dark Schneider, his voice is so ridiculous it sounds like the actor held his nose while he performed. The only recognizable voice actor in this "series" is David Lucas as the Ninja General guy. And the inuendos, "To release the warlock, we must break your holy seal" (they say to the virgin . . .) anyway that's close enough you get the idea. Overall, I liked the action, the story and animation is decent, I'd give this one a 4.5 out of 10

Boma at 11:27 PM

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