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Thursday, October 28, 2004  
I got my first dose of Naruto today, hopefully I'll be able to watch it soon. Also got D.N.Angel, and the newest installment of Twelve Kingdoms. So many to watch so little time! Let's see, I finished watching Gravitation and I stole some of the manga's from a friend of mine. The first 3 volumes of the anime are good, really good. The voices I had to get use to though. The guy who does Shuichi's voice, Rich McNanna was good also Ryuichi, Kenneth Robert Marlo, was also enjoyable to listen to. For the most part the others I had to listen to for a while to get used to them. The last dvd, the ending was . . . acceptable but smooshed. I wish for some of these 13 long episode sereis that they were longer! lol. A whole story smooshed down to 13 episodes usually needs more explanation spread it out a bit. Not all 13 episode series are like this but most of the ones I have need more (I can only hope that there is more of Hellsing in the future). Ok, enough writing, back to watching!

Boma at 7:03 PM

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