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Thursday, October 07, 2004  
Yea! The Super cute Kyo and Yuki hats are coming to stores near you! By the end of October Borders, Barnes and Noble, and Suncoast will begin carrying them by the end of October. Also the Fruits Basket box set will be coming out in November. Oh! and since the hats were such a smash at this year's cons, three more designs are in the works for next years cons, the new hats will be featuring Momiji, Shigure, and Hatsuharu. Woo-hoo! In other updates, I have been addicted to gravitation. the third disc just came out and the fourth and final disc will be out October 26th. Can't wait to see how they end this! Is Yuki "Yuki"? Why is he spitting up blood? Will "Bad Luck" succeed? Will Shindo ever get control of his emotions (I hope not!)?

I have also been watching Escaflowne. Now if you've only seen the movie and you want more to it, watch the series. With the movie it's like they squish 26 some-odd episodes into an hour and a half. I enjoyed the movie and loved the music to it (all thatnks to Yoko Kanno). I have also read reviews where people don't like the english dub. While the script itself is a tad lame, the actors are good. Kirby Morrow does "Van", he is also the voice of Miroku from inuyasha and Cyclops/ Scott Summers from X-Men: Evolution. Kelly Sheridan does "Hitomi". She is also the voice of Sango from Inuyasha. But basically the story is about Hitomi who is the average High schooler who likes to play with Tarot cards and make predictions. da da da . . . she is sucked to another world through a beam of light and she finds herself in Gaea. She soon finds herself in the middle of politcal intrigue as Zaibach attacks Finalia, which Van is the newly crowned king of, and she watches it burn. Safely escaping, she, Van, and his friend, the cat-girl, Merle, are aided by a Knight of Estoria, Allan Shizar. Allan's fortress is the next one attacked by Zaibach and it burns. And so the story continues, Zaibach hunting down Van for his Escaflowne (a giant robotic armor, that they use to battle) and Hitomi. Now that she is in this new world she discovers her heightened 6th sense is even stronger. She is able to "see the unseen". This is a promising series with a good balance of action, drama, and romance. Hopefully this will have a good ending!

Boma at 7:49 PM

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