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Wednesday, August 11, 2004  
I love Twelve Kingdoms! One word to describe this series: epic. This is pure fantasy. One of the many things that I like about this series is the vocabulary. I read an article about this one somewhere saying that to help keep the mythical feeling, during editing they did not translate some of the words. Anywho, this also makes it a little hard to follow. This is a series you have to pay attention to the actions and events going on, this isn't difficult to do and is quite enjoyable. Number two of things I like about this series is the music. The music reflects just how epic this story is. The opening theme, "Juuningenmukyoku", alone tells a story. Hats off to Kunihiko Ryo! ^_^ Ok, the plot. There's average student Yoko Nakagima. She does well in school but is overly concerned about what others think of her, so she's the "good girl". Follows the rules and generally worries herself crazy. Then Keiki enters the picture. He's a Kirin, a creature, in it's natural form, resembles a cross between a unicorn and a deer. He comes and presents her with a sword just in time to be attacked by a giant bird called a Kochou. Eventually she and two others are whisked away to another world occupied by the Twelve Kingdoms. They are then separated. The over all story, without giving too much away, is Yoko becoming either the Queen of Kei or going home, Sugimoto (who's living in her own fantasy land in her head) and Asano finding their way home. This story has arcs. The first three discs focuses on Yoko, Sugimoto, and Asano. The next two discs are about Taiki and the fate of the kingdom of Tai. I have up to the sixth disc so it focuses back on Yoko. I think there are a total of 45 episodes in this series and so far it's excellent. The animation is good too. It's different from other anime that I've watched, I can't describe it, maybe it's the coloring. But it really stands out. Here are some screencaps for you all.

Boma at 7:20 PM

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