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Wednesday, August 25, 2004  
Just finished watching the first disk of Gravitation, Fateful First Encounter. Not bad overall. Not something I'll run out and buy, but something to keep an eye on. Pretty much it's about Shuichi who aspires to become a rock star. He and his best friend Hiro form a band 'Bad Luck'. One evening while walking through the park for inspiration for his song he comes across Eiri Yuki, a romance novelist. Yuki severely criticizes Shuichi's work. So, ever since this criticism, this is all he can think about and ultimately improves his lyrics. It's a romance anime as things develop between Shuichi and Eiri. Eiri pretty much looks pissed throughout the first disc whether he's telling Shuichi he's a dumb brat or kissing him in the elevator. (I think he pretty much does that just to shut him up sometimes.) Shuichi is very emotional or rather wears them on his sleeve. But I can understand his reaction to Fujisaki's "interference" with his song even if it was for the better. When you have something that you created and you worked really hard on, you don't want anyone messing with it. OH WELL! The animation is good. I like the super deformed and chibi-ized appearances Shuichi takes on. He's soo CUTE! I could do without the pink hair but I'll live. Ryuuichi is worth seeing though! He is an absolute riot! When he's trying to cheer Shuichi up and he keeps pulling things out of his coat from candy and sake to stuffed rabbit thing and a birds nest complete with chirping chicks. I'd give this anime a 7.5 out of 10. Oh one more thing I like about the animation is the mixing of live action and the the animation. Like in the beginning of the first episode you see a kid running through the street. But it's filtered so all the shapes are blurred. Rather it looks like the segments on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim where they show a scene from Tokyo. That's the filter that looks like the one they used here. Another time, during the concert, you see the animation, Shuichi and Hiro on stage, and down where the dance floor / pit is you see the silhouette of people jumping up and down, waving their arms etc. This is the first time I've seen animation used like this. It blends well and ads to the anime itself, so I approve of this style. : ^) 'k, here's some pics.

Boma at 9:31 PM

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