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Wednesday, August 04, 2004  
Galerians: Rion is based on a Playstation game. I've never played the game let alone seen it in stores, but I've read reviews at and it seems to be well liked. It's kinda confusing in the beginning but as it gets going it straightens itself out. This is one of those animes that just plunks you down in the middle of events already happening. Oh well . . . The storyline plot. Here you have a kid named Rion (voiced by Dave Wittenburg, very well!), he begins in Michaelangelo Hospital. In which he wakens from being experimented on to a voice calling to him for help. He breaks out of the hospital and and makes his way to his now deserted home causing mayhem and destruction all the way with newly discovered drug induced powers. He discovers the voice calling him is a childhood friend named Lillia. He also finds out that the Super-computer Dorothy has decreed herself a "god" and is having both Rion and Lillia hunted down. She is doing this because Lillia has a program inserted in her head that could destroy her. Rion for his part has the program in his head that will activate Lillia's program. So now that Rion has found her, they are headed to Mushroom Tower where Dorothy's central processor thingy/whatever is located. All this time they are fighting through a herd of super-powered kids named Galerians that Dorothy had created.
This movie is all CG animation. Not bad itself, but it's more like the animation you would find in a video game. The figures are a bit stiff and blocky but the facial movement is good and acceptable. I haven't watched it subbed yet, but the only problem that I find with the sound, is the music. The soundtrack to the movie consists of bands like Slipknot, Sevendust, Adema, Godhead etc. Not that the bands are bad but I think it was inappropriate every three minutes for one of these really loud songs blaring up. Maybe if they didn't have as many or simplified it a bit it would have been better. They focused too much on it is the problem. The voice cast for the characters do a decent job. Rion - Dave Wittenburg (Witch Hunter Robin, Last Exile), Lillia - Jennifer Jean, Dorothy - Laura Coyle. They all did a good job but Wittenburg was the only big name.
This was an entertaining anime. It was interesting seeing the blend of cg with the anime style. I'd give it a 7 out of 10. If you have extra cash or see it cheap, you might want to check it out. There is a screen cap section for this to the left and I made some more up for up above.

Boma at 7:00 PM

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