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Sunday, July 25, 2004  
Ok, I just finished Noir volume 4.  Now Noir isn't my favorite series only because it isn't my preferred genre.  This, I guess, you would call action with some mystery tossed in for good measure.  The animation is average, not great but not horrible either.  The characters are good and slowly developing.  The music is fantastic in this series though, one of the best scores I've heard.  The opening theme itself it's worth watching over and over again.  Then the music sequences during the anime itself are energetic and fast moving.  Each one fitting the scene to a "T".  Ok, before I go any farther perhaps a rundown.  From what I gather there are these two girls, Mireille Bouquet and Kirika Yuumura, and they are lethal assassins.  This combo has taken the code name Noir which elicits fear in their targets because Noir is known for getting the job done no matter what.  Now Mireille, the older, original assassin, has dreams and flashbacks of her youth.  To what end I am not quite sure yet.  Then along comes Kirika.  She has no memories of her past, her parents, friends or anything but she has the refined skills of an assassin and she has no idea how she acquired them.  So next to doing their assignments, it's a journey to uncover their pasts so as to pursue their futures.  So now the only thing that kinda bothers me is Kirika.  She is soooo quiet and shows very little if any emotion.  In one episode (spoiler, spoiler, spoiler) she befriends an artist in the park.  Later on he is shot down in the street, when the shooter was aiming for her.  So now her new friend has been gunned down in the street, she's holding him as he dies, does she cry in grief?  Does she start shaking with rage?  Nooooooo.  Nothing.  zip.  nadda.  Granted, she and Mireille go and take out the shooter and his cronies but only because there was a hit out on them, soooooo.  I'd reccommend this if you like strict action, but sometimes you'll have to watch this with no distractions.  There are screencaps up above as a sample. 

Boma at 8:28 PM

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