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Tuesday, July 20, 2004  
Ok, I just watched Midori No Hibi all the way through.  There's only thirteen episodes in this one.  Ok, characters let's seeee . .  . Seiji "Mad Dog" Murasawa.  He's a punk, a delinquent, getting into fights everyday.  Everyone in school is scared of him and totally freak out whenever he comes by.  They avoid him like the plague.  But he's not that bad a guy.  He desparately wants a girlfriend and a normal school life (but mostly he wants a girlfriend), but since everyone is scared of him they all turn him down.  So he's all alone.  (He kinda reminds me of a younger Onizuka from GTO).  Then there's Midori Kasugano who is extremely shy and quiet.  She keeps all her emotions bottled up.  Let's just say she's not much of a  public speaker.  But she has a major crush on Seiji.  She always sees him at the train station and she knows his reputation (even though they go to separate schools).  But she knows he never goes after those weaker than him and he sticks up for his friends.  She never gets the courage to go up and talk to him.  So while Seiji is moping in his room he here's a girl's voice.  He looks down and there she is! except his "Devil's Right Hand" is now a tiny Midori.  Then the screaming begins.  So will Seiji ever get past the "bad boy" image and accept Midori?  Will Midori ever come to terms with her emotions?  Sooo, yeah, I know this sounds a bit weird but it's good!  I got this as a fansub, I can only hope that it gets licensed over here.  The Japanese Voice casting is really good, they put a lot of effort into their characters and it shows.  The animation is clean with vibrant color.  I recommend this.  Oh, by the way, this is a romantic comedy.  There are some screencaps to show what I mean!

Boma at 10:04 PM

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