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Thursday, July 29, 2004  
'k, I finished Chrono Crusade (24 episodes) and I was addicted right from the beginning.  Very good series but of course I alwasys have issues.  I have yet to find a series in which I DON'T have issues.  But anywho,  this series is about Rosette Christopher who is a sister of the Magdalena Order.  This Order hunts down and eliminates demons and devils and generally keep the info. of their existence away from the general public.  Back to Rosette, she and her brother were brought up in an orphanage, where her brother discovered he had the power to heal people but not himself.  Every time he used his power he got weaker and weaker, so Rosette is very protective of him.  One day when they were outside exploring, they fell down the side of a steep hill and they kept falling and falling until they plunged through the roof of an ancient cavern that led to a mysterious door that opened at their touch.  Inside was a tomb and a strange creature with pointy ears who said he was a "devil".  He expected them to run away in fear, since devils are considered evil.  Instead they were totally enthralled by him and they quickly became friends.  Not that long after their friendship began, the orphange was attacked by demons.  Rosette ran to get Chrono (that's who was in the tomb) while her brother was stuck in bed.  In the end, her brother is wisked away by a demon named Aion who is a former friend of Chrono.  Everyone else in the orphange is petrified.   For years after this incident, Rosette and Chrono search for her brother through their association with the Order.  The big plot is, Aion revolting against both Heaven and Hell to redo the whole order as he sees fit.  To do this he needs to round up the seven apostles and reinact a certain ceremony.  A side note about chrono.  He lost his horns so he can't properly control his powers.  So he uses this clock in which he has a contract with a human a.k.a. Rosette.  With this contract he transmits energy from her soul to power so he can turn into his true form and contend with the other demons.  The longer he uses this power the more energy from her soul the shorter her life will be.  So he's literally sucking her life away.  He, by no means, wants to do this.  He doesn't want to hurt her like what had happened previously . . .   So I DO recommend this series.  But I have to issues with it, well actually three.  One they should have built up Minister Remington's character a bit more.  Let him through his weight around a bit.  Secondly, the last battle should have been longer, a little more suspenseful.  And thirdly . . .

*spoiler* *spoiler* *spoiler* *spoiler* *spoiler*

I am confused about how Chrono dies.  He doesn't have horns for energy and without energy he dies.  That I get, but he was in that tomb for how long?  and he didn't die then?  Ugh.  Anyway, enough of my rants.

*end of spoiler* *end of spoiler* *end of Spoiler* *end of spoiler*

I do approve of the ending.  It' sone of the few series' endings that I actually enjoy.  So far it's only available as a fansub, but there is an english version of the manga available.  There's some screencaps I took, above.  Enjoy!

Boma at 5:28 PM

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